SCHWACH is originally Adrian (bass), Martin (drums), Tobi (vocals) and Markus (guitar) and now with Chris (bass) and Daniel (guitar). Dalle and Tilo also helped out on guitar. They came together in spring 2013 just to create some crappy punk/HC- songs in a style they love since they were teenagers. In fall they released a demo and played several shows in 2014 in support of the release of the s/t 7“. In 2015 they played a Spain tour in october and many other shows in Germany and Poland. In 2016 they recorded 12 new songs and finally released a full-length LP “Kein Bock”. By then Chris became the new bass- player. In 2017 they played many shows, including another tour through Spain, Tilo played 2nd guitar at most of the shows. 2018 SCHWACH released a discography tape, made a tour through Columbia/Ecuador (with Dalle on guitar), a tour through Europe (with Daniel on guitar) and released the 7″ “Gegeneinander”. In this year they played almost 50 shows. In 2019 SCHWACH played a tour with Modern Love through Europe and hit the road on a tour through the US west coast and Mexico. 2020 they released a split 7″ with Dessaraigo from Cali/ Columbia on Fire and Flames Music and Frontal Distribution.

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