Drowning Dog and Malatesta | Rap | Berlin

The Californian-Scottish rap and producer duo Drowning Dog & DJ Malatesta, DDM for short, create a musical surplus against an unequal society and as a part of the radical, international alternative rap scene follow the tradition of Dead Prez and Bonnot a voice to those who are usually not heard.
Unrivaled rapping, Drowning Dog floats on the anarchically claustrophobic electronic bass beats of DJ Malatesta. Her stage presence is an explosion of hip hop with a hardcore and punk attitude. Between stage and audience, Drowning Dog wanders to the ingenious sound of DJ Malatesta, combining the passion for music with anti-authoritarian radical rap lyrics. She is one of the most talented MCs in political rap.
After over 300 concerts in the US and Europe, they pitched their tents in Berlin. In 2017 they released their “Sick of this shit” EP on Fire and Flames Music after 3 albums, a 7 and 12-inch and various collaborations.

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