Cartouche | Punkrock | Montreuil/Frankreich

Since 2004, the French band Cartouche has been spreading their positive rage in France, Germany, Poland, Serbia, Hungary, Belgium, in clubs, squatted houses, youth centres, etc., with pieces of life, songs of resistance, mostly interpreted in French by a female voice. Cartouche shares with the audience the emotion and rage of the Vilnius ghetto singing of the partisan (in Yiddish), the verses full of despair and fighting spirit of Marianne Cohn.

After the first work “Je trahirai demain” (2006) with punk intonations from the 80s (Blondie, Clash, etc.), the second album “A corps perdu” (2009), the third album “Bread & Roses” was released in June 2014. The melodies are sometimes more melancholic, but some others are more angry.

The murder of animals, the exile, the time that goes on and the friendship that never ends, the violence against women and the exploitation of their bodies and work. 13 years later, the band Cartouche is still inhabited by the desire to share music and convictions with the “Eternal Rebel of our humanity, poor lovers to die”.

2017 appeared on Fire and Flames Music,  Maloka, Rudy’s Back and Acontrario Records the fourth and definitely most mature album of Cartouche. “A Venir” contains 10 beautiful songs that skillfully mix melodic punk, rock’n’roll, new wave influences and the concise chanson vocals of lead singer Géraldine.


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