Fire and Flames Festival 2017 – Acknowledgement + Pictures

Fire and Flames Festival 2017 at Alte Meierei Kiel – time to say ‘Thank You’ once again.

First of all much love to VoKü Hila, not only for the best catering in the world, but also for all the endless support and help all over the week end. Unimaginable without you, greatest gang in town. Not less gratitude of course goes out to all the fantastic acts who came countless kilometres from all over Europe and beyond to rock us hard, to make us dance, to drink with us and to make a stand: ContraReal, Los Fastidios – officialpage, QELD, Action Sédition, Resaka Sonora and Monkeybusiness. Kisses to Presslufthanna, Gold Coin and everyone else involved in the HipHop and Graffiti area outside and much respect to the Aleppo Kitchen crew for the most tasty Falafel you’ve ever seen. Hats off to our beloved chief sound engineer for endless patience and expertise and to Mr. Infernal Crust Brigade for the beautiful multicoloured light show. Cheers to Projekt Revolutionäre Slushies and Kurdistan Solidaritätskomittee for the healthy and delicious selection of drinks and to the comrades of Libertärer Laden Gaarden and Buchladen Zapata for agitation and propaganda. Reverence to Stumbling Pins, Trottelbruder and hansa48 for the equipment as well as to Svetlana Grigorieva and Schraibfela fanzine for documentating everything. Not to forget all our mates who helped at the bar and the doors, the build up and the clearance – you are the best. Big up to Anna Istoreco Reggio Emilia and the Subrosa Gaarden collective for the informative warm up on friday and to Montreal Sisterhood for showing up better too late than never. Thumbs up also to Mob Action, Grandioso-Versand & Textildruck True Rebel Store, Audiolith Records and Bambule for the generous tombola donations. And last but not least many fanx to everyone who came along and made the festival such a wonderful place of solidarity, fighting spirit and fun as it has been. To those who missed it: Sorry, try again next year. Did we forget anyone? Hope not! So what can we learn from it? Together we are what we can’t be alone and we still want everything. Let’s face it! #FireandFlamesFestival2017

Pics by Svetlana Grigorieva


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