[FFM070] Antinational Bass Crew – Free Space

Antinational Bass Crew is a relatively new Dub/Punk-Combo from Hamburg, whose members also play in bands like Loser Youth or Kapot.

On October 26th they release the Rote Flora Soli-Single “Free Space” on their own label Dub Evolution and Fire and Flames Music!

FREE SPACE is a tune that goes out to all the libertarian/anarchist/autonomous “Free Spaces” in the world and to all people that spend their time and power to keep these places alive and going! We need spaces to try out our vision of a better future, of economics beyond capitalism, of social structures that try to overcome harmful power structures such as sexism or racism; we need spaces to gather, to hang out, to organize, to relax, to party; we need spaces to grow food; we need spaces to rehearse and to exercise; we need Space!

The tune explores these issues on the concrete example of the Rote Flora Squat in Hamburg that celebrates their 30 years of occupation these days. The record will officially be released for the occasion of the “5 Minuten Ohne Kopf”-Festival that is to be held at Rote Flora on October 26th. All revenues from Digital Download Sales go to the ongoing costs of keeping the place going, as will 1,-€ of each 7″ record sold.

FREE SPACE is backed on the B-Side by a Dub Version of the same tune. Recorded and mixed by our own Yannig Malry Recording, mastered by Pressure Mastering. Cover Artwork by Crexmaniak Tattoo & Prints.


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