fesafifi-bafcf66f“Bleiben oder Gehen” – the brandnew masterwork of FEINE SAHNE FISCHFILET, Germany’s currently most dangerous, most active, most authentic, most succesful and most lovable strictly antifascist punk/independent/pop/whatever group from Rostock. This one is another step forward in the band’s history, expect a highly professional, elaborated but still kicking album in the equivalent packaging (released on Audiolith). Who if not these comrades – rebel kids like me and you who started somewhere in the nazi polluted province of the northeast, activists with instruments who always had a say and let action follow, down-to-earth lads who’ll never forget where they belong – deserve the way to the top to spread the truth? Always support these good guys!
Now available as CD and LP.

And also the comrades of LOS TRES PUNTOS, one of the best french ska bands, have now released their new 5 song maxi EP “Contres vents et marées”.

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