brixtoncatsquartierWe can’t believe our eyes: Scandalising 4 1/2 years after its first announcement this beautiful baby has just arrived healthy and alive, accompanied by Appel aux luttes and Machete Records. So now we’re finally able to send out the second and unfortunatly last album of the mighty mighty BRIXTON CATS “Quartier Maudit” on LP (FFM032) too!

More new stuff in the shop:
+++ Aggressors BC – The Tone Of The Times LP +++ Artificial Eyes – I just want a brandnew Revolution CD +++ Blitz – Never Surrender 7″ +++ Blaggers, The – On Yer Toez CD +++ Blaggers ITA – United Colors Of … CD +++ Los Fastidios – Let’s Do It CD +++ Movement, The – Move! CD +++ Antifa-Stickflag – Black +++ Antifa-Stickflag – Red +++ Bottled Wasp Pocket Diary 2015 +++ “Solidarity with the freedom fighters of Rojava” Poster +++

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