Stumbling Pins LP “Common Angst” coming soon!

On october 22nd the Kiel-based punx STUMBLING PINS release their second full-length studio-album COMMON ANGST with 12 tracks in usual high quality in form and content. With COMMON ANGST the Pins cope with the madness of this capitalist society, the racism, the poorness and the oppression and the resulting fear and lack of prospects on individual and collectiv scale. Against the silence of this fear there is this album coming on your ears with multi-vocal punkrock choirs, fast and aggressive, sometimes thoughtful, sometimes cheering, but always the rough streetpunk style known of the Stumbling Pins.

call to arms we are at war/ hysteria/ fences for their freedom/ bombs for peace/ freedom`s what you make of it/
security/ paranoia against the fear/ on the tv/ put out fires with gasoline/

The new album comes on vinyl, CD digipac and digital. Release date 10/22/2016 – incl. release show in the Alte Meierei Kiel.
A cooperation of Fire and Flames Music (FFM044) and Plastic Bomb Records (PBR077).

You can listen to the first song “The Beauty in Imperfection” right now:

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