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The Benefit Compilation “Unten Links – Solidarity Against Censorship and Repression” is now available.

Shortly after the protests against the G20 summit in Hamburg, the internet platform “linksunten.indymedia.org” was banned by the Federal Ministry of the Interior in August 2017. Indymedia’s “Unten Links” was an important independent media platform, everyone could publish there.

A total of 29 punk bands from different countries and from different backgrounds and styles express their solidarity here. Including: Cold Leather, Monaguillos Sin Fronteras, Castro, Estricalla, Morus, Kobayashi, Sju Svara Ar, Kenny kenny oh oh, Inner Conflict, Autonomads, Litovsk, Flieende Stürme, Chain Cult, Kalashnikov Collective, Hyäne, Pisse, Contra Real, Szrama , It Was Murder, Mülheim Antisocial, 100 Flowers, Ursus, Weak, Finisterre, Anti-Corpos, Eat My Fear, Violent, Sinnacion & Subverse …

The CD comes in a screen printed envelope and a 32-page booklet with band information and texts on the Indymedia ban, the history of Indymedia, the censorship and criminalization of left and Kurdish media in Germany, and another solidarity campaign by left-wing journalists.

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