V/A – Republicafrobeat Vol. 5 – Mujeres LP


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Kasba Music continues its special dedication to making female musical proposals visible and closes this season with a magnificent; surprising and explosive international female afrobeat compilation that gives continuity to that album published in 2017. After four years; here it is; a very desired album that has given us many joys; how to have Weird MC (Nigeria) and Simphiwe Dana (South Africa); that we already wanted to include them in the previous one; having Toli Nameless & The Femm Nameless (United States) the first band of women to practice Afrobeat; Funmilayo Afrobeat Orquestra (Brazil); the first gang of black women and non-binary people; and Newen Afrobeat; Chile’s first Afrobeat band; both; committed to movements like #MeToo or Black Consciousness Day; support the claims of indigenous peoples; read mapuches; or the LGBTQ collective. Feminism; identity; diversity and social justice.

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