V/A – Northern Aggression – Project Boneyard Vol. II CD


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16 track antifascist music compilation. Includes tracks from The Press, The Oppressed, Stage Bottles, Union Made, Hold A Grudge and many others.

“The scene is stepping up again to challenge the spread of fascist propaganda (and bad music) like Project Schoolyard, a sampler CD crapped out by a US-based bonhead label in attempt to recruit youth to the white power movement. Our subculture has always played to the tune of ‘having a laugh and having a say’. Our message to the fascists: get out to what never was yours to begin with. The kids on the street won’t be fooled, and we will never abandon turf to self-serving freeloaders like you and the muck you spread. Fans of real street music: enjoy the disc and smash fascism wherever it rears its ugly head!”

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