V/A – Buschmesser, Äxte, Alles! Punkrock ut Kiel LP


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Style: Punk / Hardcore / Oi


Label: Rotten Sprotten

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Outstanding compilation of the Kiel punk/HC scene of the year 2011 compiled by your first address for local punkrock shows Rotten Sprotten Entertainment. LP contains 17 tracks by Alert, And Then They Run, Vladimir Harkonnen, Tackleberry, Chaos Control, Power, Schloidergang, Affenmesserkampf and Bonehouse including eight covers of older bands from the local scene. Must have for every real punkrocker from Kiel and those who are interested in this little but high quality and vital scene from the north.

The benefits of these last copies will be contributed to Medibüro Kiel for anonymous and free medical help for refugees and migrants without resident permit.

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