Toten Crackhuren im Kofferraum, The – Jung, talentlos und gecastet LP


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Re-issue of their legendary (and quite rare) debut, the original LP was only pressed 100 times (!!). Beginning with the album-title the girls (and their toy-boys) made unambiguously a statement: know-it-alls, music gourmets, rock-critics and trend scouts will be sent into the desert, while we will party! Published in 2010 on the groundbreaking record-label BEAT THE RICH, the album became a a real eye-cacher with the first single „Ich und mein Pony“ and it´s rapid success in the internet. The show- and live-experienced crew around founders LUISE FUCKFACE and DR. LYNN LOVE crossed Electrobeats with Eurodisco-Trash, Wave and Punk minimalism with catchy Sugar Pop combined with delightfully trashy but never silly lyrics . This image (that would have made every promo agent turning pale with envy) was developed by the formation by random, by „growing up in public“ and “learning by doing” – with sure instinct they played cleverly with self-ironic gesture, gutter-glamorous Trash lifestyle, excessive hedonism and a big mouth. All 15 songs on „Jung, talentlos & gecastet“, demonstrate a style with a lot of gash, fury and fun, true hits like “Crackhurentanz”, “Ich hab keinen Spass”, “Wir hassen Sport” or “Katzenfleisch” – all located somewhere between trashy Eurodance and Electropunk-Underground – show a third way inbetween Scenester-In-Crowd and Music-for-Masses.

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