Talco – Gran Galà LP


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Style: Punk / Ska


Label: Destiny Records

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A concept-album about 10 years of “Berlusconism” told by the metaphors of taroc cards: every taroc is asociated to a song that describes a characteristic episode which happened during these years…. Two years after their “break-through” with Patchanka-success “LA CRETINA COMMEDIA” the folk-punkers from Maghera return with 15 new songs, a high tempered mix of Streetpunk & Skatecore, Balkan & Klezmer, Ska and traditional Italian Folk, straight in your face, and this time an even faster & more energetic tour de force ranging from hi-speed heart attack to traditional acoustic arrangements, crowned by great hooklines and sing-a-long chorusses.

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Punk / Oi / Hardcore Europe, Ska / Mod / Reggae / Soul