Special Paste 200g


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200g Euro Trends special paste for wallpapering and other uses. For heavy wallpapers, woodchip wallpaper, vinyl wallpaper, embossed wallpaper, printed wallpaper and posters. Ideal for painting, construction, for the professional and the do-it-yourselfer and of course for the street propagandist.

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Quickly soluble
Powerful adhesion
High yield
Stain free drying
High initial adhesion
Excellent adhesion
Easy to apply
High yield
Good shifting of the wallpaper strips

Application for 200g:

Application: Pre-paste / Water quantity: 8 litres / Sufficient for: 60 – 80 sqm
Application: Normal wallpaper / Water quantity: 4 litres / Sufficient for: 22 – 26sqm
Application: Heavy wallpapers / Water quantity: 3 litres / Sufficient for: 12 – 15sqm

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