Sakura Solid Marker

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The Solid Marker is a robust marker for the really difficult spots. This marker contains color paste, is almost odorless, dries within a few minutes and is waterproof after drying. Solid Marker does not fade and is not washable and is great for use on wood, canvas, plastic, metal, rubber, cardboard, glass, fiberglass, and concrete. It also adheres to rust, dust and even under water. The marker consists of a high-opacity, permanent color paste that can be gradually turned out like a lipstick.

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  • Handy applicator marks smoothly from the first stroke

  • Marks virtually any material or surface

  • Highly permanent once dry

  • Waterproof and fade resistant*

  • Mess free – no drips, pooling, or runs

  • Fast drying – dries within minutes

  • Fail proof – no tip that can clog or wear off

  • Marks instantly – no shaking or pumping required to start

  • Marks at any angle, upside down, or even underwater!

  • Dry-out resistant – recapped after use, paint remains fresh for a long time


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