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The Leipzig scene microcosm “Connewitz” unleashes its latest musical export hit on humanity. Resistenz ’32 bundle their energy and channel their rage against the existing system into 10 Streetpunk pearls. Unfortunately, the album title could not be better chosen with “Crisis Times”. While left-wing structures are increasingly marginalised and the right-wing mob appears more and more self-confident, the elites make sure that they will by no means be among the losers of the Corona crisis. So singer Vanessa shouts out her obvious rage, supported again and again by choirs. The Punkrockers will be pleased, the Saxon internal secret service, on the other hand, will have to work overtime.

  1. Resistenz
  2. Trump
  3. Ohne Abschied
  4. Stadt für alle
  5. Widerstand
  6. Beschissene Frage
  7. Soundtrack zur Revolte
  8. Alerta
  9. Arbeit oder Pflicht
  10. Frauen. Leben. Freiheit.

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The tape is limited to 100 handnumbered copies and comes with download code. Released in lovely collaboration with Black Cat Tapes and Riot Bike Records.

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Black Cat Tapes, Fire and Flames, Riot Bike Records


Punk / Oi / Hardcore Germany