Pöbel MC & Mili Dance – Soli-Inkasso LP


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“For some too dull, for some too complex”

Pöbel MC and Milli Dance combine a strong passion for martial rap with restraint, without getting lost in confused politicization or other nonsense. After some features of Millis Crew Waving The Guns and Pöbel, as well as several joint shows across Germany, it was safe to conclude that they work well together on tracks as well as on and off the stage. The idea of ​​publishing something together one day, which has been around for some time, took on a more concrete form. The result is “Soli-Inkasso”: 11 tracks on instrumentals by various friendly Beatbastlers like Tis-L, Ill Kosby, Platzpatron, China White, Pavel, Dub Dylan and Pöbel MC himself. The sound is very varied, sometimes atmospheric-bearing sometimes athletic-hammering, mostly boombaping with small excursions in Trap or Electropunk.

Thematically it is distributed, analyzed, criticized and reflected. Battlerap, humor, crewlove, positioning and the upholding of ideals in times of social brutality are keywords that well circumscribe the content spectrum. In addition to the variety and the enormous live potential of the tracks another strength of the record is the well complementary diversity of the styles of the two MC’s. Two rappers with buck and skills play the balls. Have fun with “Soli-Inkasso” by Pöbel MC & Milli Dance!

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