Pestpocken – Kein Ausweg 2020 (Floppy-Disk-Edition) LP


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There has never been a Pestpocken LP with so much heart, but also so much pain as in the new edition of the album “Kein Ausweg” released in 2007. The special edition with D.I.Y. silkscreen cover is dedicated to Floppy, the bassist who died in 2012. The Floppy-Disk-Edition, limited to 161, is a re-release of the only release with Floppy on bass, who was on tour for many years, as a friend and sometimes as a roommate with Pestpocken.

Due to a pressing plant error in 2007, considerably more records were produced than were supposed to be released. Recently these have resurfaced in the basement – in mint condition. At that moment the idea of the “Kein Ausweg” Floppy-Edition was born. The record should have been designed in a way that he would have loved it. Since Floppy was an absolute D.I.Y.-punk, it was out of the question to simply have a new cover reprinted. So the most elaborate Pestpocken release in the band’s history was born: The cover was handmade from the first to the last step in the local AZ basement. It is a 4-colour silk-screen printed cover, which the band printed, cut to size, folded and hand numbered with support. The production ate 4 litres of paint. In addition, only sustainable materials and environmentally friendly colors were used. Even though the D.I.Y. production of the cover was more expensive than an industrially produced record including printed cover, we will offer the record at a reasonable price – in Floppy’s sense.

We’re mighty proud to be part of this release, as none of us have anything similarly lovingly designed in our record cabinet.

A big thank you goes out to ex-guitarist of Pestpocken Chris for the fine tuning of the design and especially to Guckert, who designed the front cover motif and printed many hours with the band in the basement <3

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