Pestpocken – Another World is Possible (Splatter Vinyl) LP


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Eight years after No Love For A Nation the german spearhead of Chaos-Punk is back with its third full-length album. Angry and aggressive as usual PESTPOCKEN blast 13 new, politically unambiguous songs into this sick world. And these are real ripsnorters: Sometimes brute, sometimes anthemic, technical versed and well produced, the lyrics in german and english language reflect the band’s history, are dedicated to the historical (Battle Of Cable Street) as well as the contemporary (Rojava Revolution) resistance, talk about the racism against refugees, approach the neoliberal alienated individual or clearify the relationship to state and police. The message couldn’t be more accurate in times of escalating global crises ot the capitalist system: Another world is not only necessary but also possible. Also after more than 20 years these five Punx from Gießen know how to communicate it convincing like an unerring fisticuff. The LP comes in two different variations: As limited Picture LP or on red splattered vinyl. Includes download code.

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Fire and Flames, General Strike, Maniac Attack, Mass Productions, Ronce Records, Save The Scene Records


Punk / Oi / Hardcore Germany