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This CD was first released 1997 and started No Respect´s journey into people´s stereos and onto the stages of concert halls all over Europe. It also marked their reputation as a grooving Ska/Punk Band with political lyrics who has a message it definitely wants to get through. When “Excuse My Smile” came out there weren´t many bands playing this type of music, compared to today. The people in the band had no idea wether anybody would like this, but it was all they could play, rooting deeply in Punkrock and Skinhead subculture. The music on this album is rather soft, compared to the sound No Respect released in the following years when the band became more aggressive in their songs. It contains some of the most well known tunes of the group, for example their anti – fascist hymn “Human Scum” which you might have heard on some compilation before. “Excuse…” was sold out for quite a while and comes back now released by Mad Butcher Records, with whom No Respect have been working together for almost 10 years. Stay wild, stay antifascist!

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