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Includes: Bad Accent Anthems CD, “Brother & Sisterhood” scarf, MDB “croco-green” tag-marker, metal-pin, reusable coaster, postcard, sticker

Limited to only 200 units!

Third studio album of MOSCOW DEATH BRIGADE! Each of the 11 tracks on the new record takes a unique form inspired by various genres from Punk Rock and Black Metal to Drum & Bass, Techno, EDM and more. The machine gun rap flow of the band’s two MC’s can be heard on all tracks, rapping in English on a variety of topics, from pressing social issues to more light hearted ones, such as graffiti and touring.

Boltcutter Vlad: „‘Bad Accent‘ in the record’s name stands for what we see as an internationally recognizable dialect shared by those not afraid to expand their horizons, travel to new places, meet new people so they can get things done, survive, stand for the right things. A lot of times the society unjustly labels them as ‚undesirable elements‘ or ‚suspicious foreigners‘. This album is a collection of Anthems for the Bad Accent brother and sisterhood to bang their heads to.“

Ski Mask G: „On the new album we are combining the sound of previous two records while adding new vibes. We are bringing back punk and hardcore beats with beloved ‚heavy metal guitars‘, but many tracks will still retain heavy electronic elements, and all of that with a twisted flavor of Moscow Death Brigade. We call it Circle Pit Hip-Hop.“

1 Out the Basement
2 Feed the Crocodiles
3 Bad Accent
4 Break the Mold
5 Sound of Sirens
6 Megaphone
7 Whack-a-Mole
8 Shy Kidz 2020
9 Throw Ya Canz 2020
10 Dirty White Sneakers
11 Never Walk Alone

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