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Rap from Kiel-Gaarden. LPP 143 unites various beatmakers and companions on 10 tracks and raps about life and its abysses. “Die Angst” is a work that is not about showmanship, but about sophisticated lyrics on high-quality beats. LPP 143 doesn’t make rap out of a desire for recognition or attention, but out of his own personal situation and a musical will to express himself. What he says can be belligerent and seem aggressive due to the uncompromising aesthetics, but it is genuine and does not care about common rap clichés.


01. Als ich lütt war

02. Ich glaub‘ dran

03. Mit Blüten

04. Respektable Rendite

05. Sage ihm ab (feat. Coba)


06. Die Angst

07. Werte mich auf

08. Gender Mafia

09. Selber Schuld

10. Der Beat und Ich


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