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Here comes the first album of the anarchist streetpunk band Los Chicos de Molly from Madriz. The band’s debut comes with nine driving, angry and powerful songs and political lyrics through and through. Dinamita tells the stories of historical struggles and figures who stood up to the attacks of the state, capital, bosses and authorities and fought until the end. Nos gusta mucho! The release comes as an international cooperation with Potencial Hardcore, Frontal Distribución, Up the Punx Records, United We Stand Records, Class War Records, Freganismo es respeto and Entropía Tattoo.

„The band was created to rescue stories of uprisings, revolts, examples of self-defense against the establishment and the state. We are specially interested in the magnicides of the beginning of the 20th century and the end of the 19th century. People that risked their lives because they believed that their lives were not as valuable as the possibility to demolish the structures of the state. The empowerment that came with looking in the eyes of power and taking a stab. We think we must rescue these stories of true heroes. They have never gotten a street name or a square and history has ignored them.“

1. M.A.L.P. 02:26
2. Años oscuros 03:35
3. Determinación 03:09
4. Último tango en Barcelona 03:42
5. Fuego a los talegos 02:35

6. Todo por la idea 03:47
7. Delincuente 02:27
8. Rebel Whopper 02:31
9. Los Molly Maguires 04:15


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