Laurel Aitken – Says Fire LP


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Style: Reggae / Ska


Label: Black Butcher

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1969 proved a crucial year in the development of Jamaican music. Reggae had just superseded Rock Steady in becoming the island s national sound, with the new exciting style swiftly embraced by a fast developing British working class youth movement noted for their smart, functional clothing and cropped hair Skinheads. So it was in such an environment that leading independent Doctor Bird Records released Laurel Aitkens long awaited second album in 1967, Laurel Aitken Says Fire, a collection comprised of his most popular singles from the preceding months along with previously unreleased material. Unsurprisingly, the LP became an immediate best-seller, its success only hindered by the record company’s sudden and unexpected demise soon after. LIMITED EDITION OF 500 COPIES

Tracklist: Fire Worried Over Me Halfway To Paradise Coconut Quando Quando If You Need Me La La La Rice And Peas Stand By Me Sunnyside Mr. Lee Gonna Get Married

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