Inner Terrestrials – Escape from New Cross Live / Enter The Dragon CD


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THIS IS ESSENTIAL! – The INNER TERRESTRIALS from London are one of the best Dub/Reggae-Punkbands on the planet. In the early days of punk, bands like THE RUTS and THE CLASH added Dub and Reggae to their punk tunes. Today, bands such as the INNER TERRESTRIALS are rejuvenating this genre. Backed by drum beats from Paco, the drummer of anarcho-punk legends CONFLICT, the INNER TERRESTRIALS are bringing forward the eternal quest for (social) justice and respectful living on earth in their lyrics. It is worthful fighting for these ideals moving forward. The band members are longtime activists in the classical D.I.Y.-punk scene, playing for squatters, on demonstrations, protests and political rallies – in line with radical protest/political punk bands such as the SUBHUMANS, CONFLICT, and the RESTARTS. Their political, critical lyrics and militant attitude are brought forward with relaxed, dancable Dub/Reggae, culminating in faster Punk anchors. This CD includes the Live-LP “escape from new cross“ (1997), the songs from their „enter the dragon“ EP (1999) as well as 2 tracks that were only available on singles so far, incl. a cover version of “Guns of brixton”.

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