“Falling Empire” Ladies Shirt


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It’s not a secret that the background of Fire and Flames is strongly influenced by the british youth cultures born in the 60s, 70s and 80s. Of course this concerns the modern respectively the casual style too which is why we appreciate the aesthetic value of the old target. Unfornunatly we can’t deny its origins as a military symbol of an imperialist and capitalist nationstate. Although we definitively respect that the bombs of the Royal Airforce for once hit the right ones back in the 40s we had to make some little modifications to align it with the revolutionary FF policy. We call the beautiful result “Falling Empire” and perceive it as a call to shut down every empire but the Empire of Freedom (Marx).

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  • white slim-fit-shirt
  • 2 colour front print
  • crew-neck collar

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Fire and Flames


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