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Skinhead Rock N Roll the way it was meant to sound. In the tradition of Jeunesse Apatride, Street Troopers, and The Prowlers, Montreal brings us yet another excellent young antifascist oi band! Rock influenced by French oi, with an echo of reggae and 100% by and for the working class. The band originally began as a cover group of the french band Trotskids, and from there developed their own unique and powerful sound. As influences, the band lists bands such as Warrior Kidz, Komintern Sect, Rancid, Motorhead, La Souris Deglingue and Rose Tattoo. The band has performed with the likes of Jeunesse Apatride, Union Made, La Gachette, Brigada Flores Magon.


01. Poings lacérés
02. PSC
03. Je reste fort
04. Histoire de skinhead
05. Adolescent
06. Image parfaite
07. Insurgées et rebelles
08. Home sweet home
09. Dur à battre
10. Encré dans la peau
11. Quand merent les légendes
12. Temps à perdre


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