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“I am told that I am an accomplice of the Commune. Certainly, yes, since the Commune wanted more than anything else the social revolution, and since the social revolution is the dearest of my desires.” – Louise Michel

Militant Electro-Dub from Paris – four song mini-album with support of various guest musicians in honor of the Paris Commune of 1871. The 12″ comes with 8-page A6 booklet with all lyrics and translations.

  1. Communardes Communards feat. Marina P, Nada, Drowning Dog, L’1consolable, Daman, Mantis, Mal Élevé
  2. Jeanne feat. Gé (Latwal), Nada
  3. La Semaine Sanglante feat. Joke
  4. Versaillais Versaillais feat. Daman, Fred Alpi

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