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The new Dubamix album “Camarades” is a kind of musical history book. 6 years after “Pour qui sonne le Dub” Dubamix from Paris surrounds himself on his fourth disc with many guests or camarades – comrades. More than just a title, it is a word that can be heard as a universal link between the emancipatory struggles of the past and the present. Dubamix breathes new life into timeless hymns, thanks to the presence of a dozen singers from different universes of the Reggae/Dub scene (Marina P, Mal Elevé of Irie Révoltés, Lengualerta, Daman, Krak In Dub), political rap (Drowning Dog, L’1consolable, Stratégie de Paix, …) or even libertarian rock (Joke, Fred Alpi).

Dubamix weaves a stateless web of reggae, rocksteady over UK steppa, drum’n’bass and rap, held together by the relentless pace of electro dub and the subversive power of protest music. Libertarian, anti-capitalist, anti-fascist messages from excerpts of speeches, films, revolutionary songs or demonstrations are mixed here – in Dubamix’ desire to transcend boundaries musically and geographically – with powerful electronic rhythms, but also with studio-recorded instruments such as violin, trumpet, saxophone, mandole and percussion. A pearl of contemporary revolutionary culture.

1 Camarade 5:43
2 Sacco e Vanzetti (feat. Daman & Drowning Dog) 05:31
3 Solidaridad (feat. Krak In Dub, Lengualerta & Mal Élevé) 03:46
4 La Lega (feat. Marina P) 03:44
5 The Rebel Girl (feat. Fred Alpi) 04:44
6 Stonewall Pt1 04:37
7 Stonewall Pt2 02:57
8 Djelem djelem 05:50
9 Salomé (feat. Shema) 03:48
10 Foutaises (feat. L’1consolable & Strategie De Paix) 04:10
11 Front international (feat. Brava) 04:04
12 Cagoule zapatiste (feat. Mantis) 05:29
13 Welcome Pt1 (feat. Joke) 03:25
14 Welcome Pt2 (feat. Joke) 03:00
15 Initials RBB Remix (Krak In Dub) 04:02
16 Sacco e Vanzetti (Dub) 04:10
17 Camarade (Dub) 04:56


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