Contempt – We got nothing Do-LP


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Label: Urinal Vinyl

Style: Punkrock / Anarcho-Punk


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CONTEMPT have benn kicking out Punk Rock tunes since 1984, the band came together out of the ashes of three Wolverhampton, UK based Punk bands: VENDETTA, SEVENTH PLAGUE and PULEX IRRITANS and have since gone on to tour all over the UK and in Europe. The band´s line-up has changed a lot over the years, but the music remains true and CONTEMPT just refuse to go away. CONTEMPT play Anarcho Punk, from mid tempo to faster tunes they offer a lot of variety and very nice melodies, with political lyrics covering issues such as war, poverty, human rights, animal rights, anti-fascism, anti-racism and anti-capitalism. 30th anniversary compilation with tons of already released songs but also with material that hasn´t been put out on vinyl yet. Limited edition of 500 copies on Black vinyl, this release comes in a nice gatefold sleeve and with booklet.

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