Chocolé, Organic Instant Drinking Chocolate


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Lösliches Trinkschokoladenpulver, 250g
Kontrolliert biologischer Anbau
Herkunft: Paraguay & Dominikanische Republik, El Puente
Hersteller Bio-Kontrollnummer: DE-ÖKO-039 GfRS

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Cocoa powder from the Dominican Republic and cane sugar from Paraguay, complemented by genuine Bourbon vanilla. A delicious drinking chocolate!

This instant drinking chocolate’s ingredients are produced by several cooperatives in several countries.

The organic cocoa originates from CONACADO (Confederación Nacional de Cacaocultores Dominicanos), an association of Dominican small-scale farmers. CONACADO was established in 1988. At that time, producers were selling their dried, unfermented cocoa to intermediaries taking care of the product’s export.

The establishment of the umbrella organisation was supposed to abolish this type of intermediary trade in order to secure higher revenue of their harvest for producers. Export has been handled directly by CONACADO ever since. As of today, about 10 000 small-scale cocoa producers are CONACADO members. The association currently consists of nine regional organisations, their members, in turn, are organised in 180 cooperatives. CONACADO’s headquarters are located in coastal town Haina, next to the capital Santo Domingo. From here, cocoa beans and cocoa paste are shipped via the country’s biggest harbour to destinations all over the world.

Typically, the producers working for CONACADO possess small parcels of land ranging from one to five hectares. They are cultivating the cocoa in mixed culture with other plants. Oranges, mangos, bananas, beans and manioc are frequently planted for this purpose. Mixed culture allows for the area’s sustainable cultivation because plants are providing shade for each other and at the same time are fertilising the soil naturally. Additionally, farmers are using the cultivated products for their sustenance. CONACADO has initiated the conversion of the production to organic quality. Consequently, a huge proportion of cooperatives is producing organic cocoa nowadays.

The organic cane sugar in the chocolate originates from the Manduvira cooperative in Paraguay. It has been established in 1975 and is currently organising more than 1000 members. Both cultivation and processing of sugar are organic-certified.

The sugar cane is pressed in the factory and subsequently the sugar juice is cleaned and crystallised. Manduvira is realising several social community projects like the construction and manning of a medical supply post and the purchase of tools and machines.

The fair trade premium is earmarked for reconstruction of houses, construction of bathrooms, access to water and electricity for everyone and purchase of school books. A part of the premium is disbursed in cash. All members have access to various courses, workshops and training seminars. Thanks to fair trade, the coop members have managed the great step from raw material producers to processors and exporters!

The ingredients are processed to cocoa powder in Germany.

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Allergy information:
gf, ef, hf, nf


raw cane sugar°*, cocoa powder°*

*certified organic cultivation
°fair trade

Fair-trade content: 100%

Cocoa: min. 32%

Nutritional value per 100 g
Energy 1578 Kj /373 Kcal
Fat 6,8 g
of which saturates 4,3 g
Carbohydrate 71,2 g
of which sugar 67 g
Protein 6,8 g
Salt 0,01 g

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