Organic Mate Tee, 250g


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Mate tea from Brasil, 250g
Certified organic cultivation, Fairtrade
Origin: Copermate/Paraná, MST, Distribution: El Puente
Producer organic control number: BR-BIO-122

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Mate is a traditional product, a part of everyday life in South America and becoming more and more popular in Europe as well. Our organic mate from Brasil tastes tart and refreshing. It contains vitamin C and trace elements and has a naturally stimulating effect. Typically, it is prepared by an infusion of loose tea leaves with hot water in a gourd. For mate drinking culture beginners, we can also recommend our tea bags!
Production unit Copermate in the Brasil region Paraná is an association of small-scale farmers processing and exporting mate tea. The processing facility is the common property oaboutut 200 settlers. The tea is delivered by in total more than 600 regional small-scale producers. Settlers belong to Movimento Sem Terra (MST), the Brasil landless movement. For many years they are fighting for a just agricultural reform and land redistribution in Brasil. Besides mate tea production, Copermate is actively supporting regional social products and the political aims of MST.

Allergy information:
gf, ef, hf, mf, nf, v

*certified organic cultivation

Fairtrade content: 100%

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