[FFM071] V/A – Unter dem Deckmantel des Antifaschismus LP

In cooperation with RASH Leipzig, Mob Action, Troihand Records, Riot Bike Records, Save The Scene Records as well as SM Musik this wonderful piece of security endangering music was created. You can listen to the “most dangerous left-wing extremist” bands from Saxony on official recommendation of the “State Office for the Protection of the Constitution”. 12 partly unreleased songs by top class antifascist bands such as Sharp Cut, The Spartanics, One Step Ahead, Fontanelle, Social Enemies and many others. LP comes on splattered red vinyl and includes 4 page inlay.

This sampler should be a living example that punk was, is and will remain one thing above all else for us: Resistance! Solidarity is our weapon!

Side A

1. Sozialer Fehltritt – Mit freundlichen Grüszen
2. Sharp Cut – Trouble From The Streets
3. The Spartanics – Tell Me What You Know
4. One Step Ahead – Wer ist die Gefahr?
5. Fontanelle – Oi! gegen Oi!
6. Kommando Kronstadt – Keine Wahl

Side B

7. Dr. Ulrich Undeutsch – Im Osten nichts Neues
8. Selbztjustiz – Was kostet die Welt
9. Hoierswerda – Deutsche Publizisten
10. Endstation Chaos – Feindbild
11. Social Enemies – The Hate You Give
12. Flag Smasher – Oi! It’s Class War

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