… THERE’S SOME NEW MUSIC STUFF IN STOCK: +++ 65 Mines Street – Sick & Bitchin’ LP +++ Active Minds – Bury The Past EP +++ Burnchurch – s/t LP +++ Chaoze One – Rapression CD +++ Chicken’s Call – 27 LP +++ Drowning Dog & Malatesta – Black Cat Best You CD +++ Flexfits, [...] read more

Now in shop: Posters and the new book of anarchist artist Adam O.

Now in shop: Several posters and the brandnew comicbook of anarchist activist and artist Adam O. from Copenhagen. The posters are printed offset style on high quality cardboard paper. The comicbook “Kakofonia” tells murky and spooky stories from a smoky bar in Istedgade, the streets of Copenhagen and the deck of a shipwreck on overall [...] read more

Los Fastidios „So Rude, So Lovely“ CD EP OUT NOW!

Brandnew Los Fastidios EP CD: Two new songs plus a revival of the good old “La nostra città” revisited in a ska version. CD also contains five bonus tracks including a great Clash influenced version of “Bella Ciao” and four tracks of the current LF album “Let’s do it” as special versions. Out on KOB Records proudly [...] read more


+++ 210 – Generation CD +++ Aggressors BC – Hallways EP +++ Angelic Upstarts / The Prowlers – Split 7″ +++ Bolt 69 – My heart is breathing CD +++ Bois, the – The pride of Lion City Do-CD +++ Brigadir / Military State – Split CD +++ Business, the – Do a runner EP [...] read more


Together with our comrades of Gegen Nazis und Repressionen – Freiheit für Valentin we’ve printed this beautiful solidarity shirt #5 for antifascist prisoner Valentin from Bremen. Valentin is kidnapped by the state since 1 1/2 months now after hard confrontations between antifascist ultras of Werder Bremen and nazi-hooligans in april. Since years antifascist football fans [...] read more

More noize for the Grrlz‘n’Boiz

+++ Anti-Pasti – The last call LP +++ Apurtu – Orain aske Zara LP + CD +++ Bagna – s/t LP +++ Cios – Crisis CD +++ Cios – Streets on fire CD +++ Filaments, The – Land of Lions LP +++ Ghetto 84 – A denti stretti LP +++ Hors Controle – Béni, Maudit [...] read more

Enter(ed) the Circle

Last saturday we got the honour to Enter The Circle and join this old school hip hop jam in the heart of our home-quarter Kiel-Gaarden. Much respect and big thanx to all the fresh B-Girlz and B-Boyz, Writerz, DJs and of course the organizers. You created a really special event rooted in the tradition of [...] read more

MDB / WWF „Here to stay“ 7″ EP finally available !

After a too long waiting time here it finally is: The hard rockin‘ split EP of Moscow’s finest choice What We Feel and Moscow Death Brigade on vinyl. Five killer tracks of antifascist hardcore-metal-rap-punk-oi. Comes with FREE STICKER and is limited to 1000 HANDNUMBERED COPIES. RED AND GREEN VINYL only available directly at Fire and [...] read more

Big fat music update!

+++ 8°6 Crew – Bad bad Reggae / Menil‘Express CD +++ Amen 81 – Corpus Christi Do-LP +++ Ashpipe – Born bad CD +++ Ashpipe – Too much focused… CD +++ Autonomads / Black Star Dub Collective – Split CD +++ Bobby Funk – Pasty Blagger 7″ +++ Chaoze One – Rapression LP +++ Devotos [...] read more