YPG/ YPJ Gerilla T-Shirt (schwarz)


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YPG/ YPJ Gerilla Solidarity-Shirt

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Together with our comrades of the Swedish Rojava Comities, a nationwide network of independent leftist and kurdish groups in Sweden, we distribute these shirts in solidarity with the resistance and the social revolution in the west-kurdish regions of Rojava. Many comrades lost their life in the brave and heroic fight of the People’s defence forces YPG/YPJ against the fundamentalist terror of the „IS“ and the attacks by the reactionary turkish state. No one is forgotten and nothing is forgiven! Martyrs are immortal!

The sale is bounded in a current donation campaign of these comrades. The profits will directly be forwarded to Rojava to support the rebuilding of Free Kobanê.

Support the revolutionary process in Kurdistan! Long live the resistance of Rojava! Şehîd namirin!

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