“Work 2.0” Reversible Jacket

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This jacket is 100% cotton, and meant very much for utilitarian purposes. The black side is completely black, with no color markings whatsoever. The “Fire and Flames” emblem on the chest is embroidered black on black, and even the “Fire and Flames” zipper pull is black on black. The reverse side is made to make you look like a fine elegant young gentleman/woman, with a beige color and a non-descript light blue and white emblem (of Buenos Airess glorious Racing Club! 🙂 ). Pockets are also on the beige side! It wont just keep you warm, it will also help keep you safe!



Cheap reversible jacket for the small or large fun in between. Unfortunately the conversion was not really successful, means too short sleeves and too wide cut at the belly. The other way around you can get the part for small money.

The comrades body height is 185 centimetres and he wears a jacket size M.


SIZE S Body Length: 64.8 cm Chest Width: 57.2 cm Sleeve Length: 58.4 cm

SIZE M Body Length: 67.3 cm Chest Width: 59.7 cm Sleeve Length: 59.7

SIZE L Body Length: 69.9 cm Chest Width: 62.2 cm Sleeve Length: 61.0 cm

SIZE XL Body Length: 72.4 cm Chest Width: 64.8 cm Sleeve Length: 62.2 cm

SIZE XXL Body Length: 74.9 cm Chest Width: 67.3 cm Sleeve Length: 63.5 cm

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Fire and Flames


100% Cotton