100 Years Bavarian Soviet Republic – Wall calendar 2019


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1919 – 2019 | Calendar | Memories in portraits
Wall calendar in Din A4 with portraits, biographies, quotations

Verlag Gegen den Strom

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In 1918 a broad mass movement in Bavaria put an end to the monarchy. But that was not all: in the spring of 1919, the revolutionaries in Munich and other Bavarian cities proclaimed the Soviet Republic. Wealthy families were expropriated, an administration organized from below, started to build a new education system and a Red Army. Countless people were involved, known and unknown names. Thousands of people lost their lives defending the Soviet Republic – and thus their dream of peace and freedom. On the occasion of the 100th anniversary, we want to use this calendar to commemorate all these people and, as an example, to recall some of them and their history. The proceeds from the sale go into advanced projects and anti-repression work in and around Munich.

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